Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy National Puppy Day 2017

Baby Carriers are a great way to transport puppies!

Whether you need to get puppy up/down stairs or to keep puppy up out of the chaos that is on the floor, a baby carrier can often be the answer.  The following video shows using a ring sling with a puppy.  I use this method for getting puppy up and down stairs or to help calm him when he's not ready to give up a game of chase.

The next video shows using a meh dai (formerly mei tai) with a puppy.  I use this method when puppy is especially wiggly, because it holds him super close.  The close hold also helps to calm him down.

16 year old puppies greatly benefit from babywearing too!  The final video shows using a meh dai with a 16 yo dog.  I used this method to get him up and down stairs, to get him in and out of the vet's office, to give him comfort when his old bones ached.

Rudolph, the star of the first two videos is a 3 month old, 10ish lb. Windsprite (breed formerly called long haired whippet).  He and I plan to make more puppywearing videos as he matures!

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