Thursday, September 29, 2016

International Babywearing Week 2016

Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, October 4th, 4-5 pm

To Prepare for International Babywearing Week, I’ll be on WTAJTV’s Central PA Live talking about babywearing!

Wednesday, October 5th, throughout the day

The Babywearing Games

Come join me on my website, on my FB page, and in my FB client group for games and prizes. Games will run throughout International Babywearing Week: October 5th - 10th. Each day will feature a new babywearing related prize.

Find Rafflecopter entry here:

Thursday, October 6th, 5:30-7 pm

Make One; Give One DIY Babywearing Poncho at the Mommy Shoppe

It’s the 1 year anniversary of Rachel Gaston-Pifer, Certified Babywearing Consultant, CBWS!!! Help me celebrate!  

I will help you to make a babywearing poncho that you can use on front, side, back, and tandem. Then, with your new poncho making skills and with the rest of your fabric, you can make a babywearing poncho to donate to the Mommy Shoppe.

The following numbers are based on fleece fabric that is 58-60 inches wide. Bring along 1 2/3 yards of fleece to create a babywearing poncho for yourself OR bring along 3 1/3 yards to make a second poncho to donate to the Mommy Shoppe. Every 5 yards you bring will create 3 ponchos!

Joann Fabric’s fleece-tastic deal: all fleece is 50% goes through October 5th. Sign up for text messages from Joann's to receive an extra 20% off your entire purchase.

Here's a video of how to make a DIY Babywearing Poncho:

And how to use it:

Friday, October 7th, 4:30-6:30 pm

Baby Carrier Happy Hour Hosts: The Carry On Project baby carrier drive launch party, Wrapsody Fit Clinic, and 15% off your purchase from both Jezebel’s Boutique and Rachel Gaston-Pifer, Certified Babywearing Consultant, CBWS

Now through Cyber Monday deliver your carrier to Jezebel’s Boutique or an event that Rachel Gaston-Pifer, Certified Babywearing Consultant, CBWS is hosting. Email me,, your name, email address, and the carrier that you donated and you will be entered to win a prize. We’ll then send a care package to TCOP after Cyber Monday in November.

From The Carrying On Project: "For TCOP we prefer new or gently used carriers so we can pass them on to families, but any carrier will be accepted with the understanding that it may be sold for funds if needed. We serve active duty, veteran, and wounded warrior families of the U.S. Armed Services, and SSCs [especially buckle carriers rated to higher than 25 lbs] are our most popular carrier request, but we do get plenty of the other carrier types requested so anything that can be passed forward we would love to have and would be happy to help it find a home." Paypal donations can be sent to:

Did you miss the Baby Carrier Fit Clinic at Just Kids Resale? Here’s a new opportunity to get the most comfortable fit in your carrier for you and your baby. You too can say, “Wow!  That feels so much better!!!”  

Saturday and Sunday, October 8th & 9th, throughout the day

Live and Virtual Online Teaching in AHA! Babywearing and New Videos on YouTube.

I will be live answering questions and I will have threads where you can post your pic to get a virtual fit check.  Let me help you say, “Wow! That feels so much better!!!”  

Monday, October 10th, 3-4:30 pm

Carry the Future #ctfme2you Handmade Baby Gifts Drive 

Join me for pizza and gift making.  Let’s create some happy baby gifts to send to refugee camps in Greece.
Calling all sewists, knitters, crocheters and makers!
An important part of #CarrytheFuture’s mission is empowering our supporters to make a personal difference in the lives of refugees. This winter we are encouraging you to make handmade baby hats, blankets, jackets, sweater and toys.
Details: Handmade items only. Blankets must be at least 32x32” and no bigger than 48x48” Get ideas on the Carry the Future Pinterest board!… 

I’ll be collecting items at events through 12/31/16

Joann Fabric’s fleece-tastic deal: all fleece is 50% goes through October 5th. Sign up for text messages from Joann's to receive an extra 20% off your entire purchase. A super easy blanket; all you need are scissors and fleece:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Journey as a Babywearing Educator

My first born came on Valentine’s Day in 2010, 4 weeks later I purchased a locally made ring sling that I would use daily. Then I needed to launder it...after a few washings where I did not have a carrier, I purchased a second ring sling, and now I had two ring slings that I could use daily. Over the next several months, I picked up a buckle carrier, a pouch, a mei tai, and a stretchy wrap. There were so many options and I wanted to try them all!
2010: The Valentine baby who started it all!
In 2011, now that I had mastered the stretchy wrap, I wanted to tackle that complicated carrier - the woven wrap. At the time our community had one local In Real Life “wrapper”, but she worked and her kids were pretty much grown out of baby carriers, so she was a rare sighting. I spent months discussing what I should get with members of (TBW). Finally in September, I bought a used Didymos Cologrown Waves, size 7, from a fellow TBW member, a super sweet mama in Southeast PA. Then in October, I bought a used Vatanai Teesta, size 3, and I was HOOKED!!! These carriers were so beautifully versatile! I joined Carry of the Week (COTW) challenges on TBW to learn how to use the wraps. I talked my husband into buying me a mystery box from Birdie’s Room - three wraps picked for you by your description of what you like. Now I had wraps made from different fibers and in different sizes.
2011: First back carry
in my first woven wrap ~
taken with an old school
digital camera
In 2012, I continued to participate in COTW challenges on TBW. In February, I gained a squishy new wrappee. I started experimenting with ways to use carriers to get both my 2 year old and new baby up and down stairs and in and out of the house. While playing around with wraps and sharing experiences with fellow babywearers on TBW, I developed the Tied at Shoulder Front Cross Carry tie off from a Ruck (or RRR) Tied at Shoulder...I was officially a babywearing geek. I became the local IN REAL LIFE “wrapper” in my community and began having people over to play with my growing variety of carriers and began teaching what I knew. I wanted more.
2012: A Tandem Carry with one wrap
and introduction of the TASFCC ~
Tied At Shoulder Front Cross Carry
At the end of 2012, the leaders of our local Babywearing Group felt that they and their children had aged out of the group, and they were ready to pass leadership on. And this was my opportunity for more! In the beginning of 2013, I became co-leader of our local group and resident specialist in wraps and mei ties (I still had much to learn about mei ties!). Because I was now teaching in a formal setting, I felt that I should have liability insurance; Babywearing International (BWI) was a good fit for these needs. I passed the written assessment in May and the skills assessment in June. At my skills assessment I learned several new tricks, especially with pouches. Our group became an official BWI chapter in August. On August 30, 2013, I became mother to a newborn...18 month old, and 3 year old. We live(d) in a house with 15 (fifteen) sets of stairs and my oldest was starting preschool, so we needed to get in and out of the house through sunshine, or rain, or snow... And so the luxurious fun of using carriers to carry two children in 2012, became a minute necessity in 2013. As I continued to develop ways to get everybody where we needed to be, I began to share videos of these ways and help others across the world in the Tandem* Babywearing Facebook group and forum style website. By the end of 2013, I was helping in a more official capacity as an administrator with the Tandem Babywearing Facebook group and a moderator with  
*Tandem is carrying more than one child
2013: Our new sweet baby!
2014 brought me the opportunity to work with Babywearing International’s Babywearing Education Committee to set in place a standard of guidelines for tandem babywearing for BWI educators to follow. And the opportunity to attend and present at the 2014 International Babywearing Conference in Tempe, AZ. I presented "Topics in Tandem Wearing", and "The Woven Repairs Toolkit". I also gained a great deal of knowledge (and baby carriers) that I was able to bring back to my group. I felt a bit like an explorer! The carrier that had the most lasting effect for both my local community and me was the mei tai; I had attended several sessions on how to use it and I purchased a BBTie mei tai as my conference souvenir (I love that carrier so much that I now sell it!).  
2014: Speaking at the
International Babywearing Conference '14
2015 brought me the opportunity to train without children! In May I took a bus to NYC and attended the Center for Babywearing Studies Foundations training, my first professional training. I made friends. I learned. I must have said: OH and AHA fifty times each day of training. I learned how to teach the large variety of carriers that are on the market. I learned how to meet caregivers where they are. I learned the tiniest tweak can make a huge difference in comfort. I learned that in person training is my ideal way to learn. I passed my CBWS exams straight away and obtained American Heart Association CPR certification and liability insurance in October, and I became a CERTIFIED CBWS Babywearing Consultant launching my current consulting business during International Babywearing Week!!! On October 6th I launched my business website and Facebook page and updated my YouTube channel.
2015: My website is live!
I was selling personal baby carriers at every consultation, and I needed to have a greater variety of carriers available for my clients, so the first month of 2016, I applied for a PA sales tax license, was approved, and began selling baby carriers. As my professional services became more in demand, I realized that I had to choose where to dedicate my time. I decided to leave my local babywearing group that I had co-founded, so that I could offer more complete services through my fast-growing business. Besides carrier sales and consultations,  I am now offering free services weekly and working with a variety of local, regional, and national non-profits to provide services, education, and baby carriers. One of my favorite parts of making money in my beloved profession is…I can reinvest that money into training! In May at Mommycon’s WEAR conference I was able to attend innovative workshops that helped me to work more efficiently and affect more people AND I had the opportunity to do another one of my favorite things - teach. I taught in the Babywearing Lounge, and the classes: "Wrap Geekery", "Teaching Back Wrapping”, and approved for 1.5 IBLCE L-CERPs and 1.5 CBWS CEUs “Precautions and Special Considerations for Tandem Babywearing”. I have been able to continue learning and growing as a babywearing educator by training and certifying with the USIKC Kangaroo Care in June and completing the 6 Hour Rebozo Training with Gena Kirby in September. I’ve also become a member of the BCIA - Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, so that I can keep current with the baby carrier industry. Stay tuned for International Babywearing Week 2016, as I celebrate my business anniversary with giveaways, classes, and some exciting outreach opportunities! I’m so excited to see where this journey next takes me!
2016: My first professional babywearing head shot

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fall 2016 Just Kids Resale FREE Baby Carrier Fit Checks, Demonstration, and Sales

I will be providing FREE baby carrier fit checks from 3-5 pm at Just Kids Resale on Friday, September 16th.  I am trained to help you find the most comfortable fit with your carrier for both baby and you, come let me help you get your BEST fit. 
To sign up for your free time slot, please email or call/text 814.933.5668.  Two consultations will be scheduled every 20 minutes.  

SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot and guarantee your preferred time!

At 5 pm, I will provide a free demonstration and introduction to the five major styles of baby carriers and handouts about kangaroo care and baby carriers.  Baby carriers will be available for purchase after the demonstration. 

Having your baby in a baby carrier
(especially on back) makes
Just Kids Resale so easy to shop!

25+ Medical Reasons to Do Kangaroo Care, Skin to Skin Therapy, and Use Baby Carriers

The Medical Research

Medical studies find that Kangaroo Care (KC) and Skin to Skin (S2S) Therapy:  
- improve heart rate
- improve respiratory rate
- improve oxygen saturation
- improve temperature regulation
- lower infections
- prevent apnea
- improve sleep
- lower crying (especially when done by fathers)
- provide analgesic (pain relief) effect
- increase milk production
- increase the ability to breastfeed exclusively
- allow for earlier breastfeeding initiation
- increase general neurobehavioral development
- increase mental and motor scores
- increase brain maturation
- lower caregiver’s anxiety (especially the postpartum mother)
- increase the caregiver’s parental/relational satisfaction
- create better caregiver/baby attachments  

Medical studies suggest KC/S2S to:
- prevent oxygen desaturations
- lower apnea episodes
- regulate cortisol (the stress hormone) especially with fathers
- create a more positive interaction between caregiver and infant.  

Medical studies warrant consideration of KC/S2S to improve weight gain

Medical research shows that
- using a baby carrier for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.  
- the physical drain from carrying in-arms is 16% greater than using a tool (i.e. a baby carrier) to support the baby’s mass, which is potentially an even larger burden than breastfeeding.  
- holding our babies close in a baby carrier allows us to form a mutual attachment, and is especially beneficial for mothers who are at risk for or suffering from postpartum depression.  

A woven wrap allows for
discrete kangaroo care -
bare chest to bare chest

For more information, email

To purchase a kangaroo care garment or baby carrier, email me or see some options here