Monday, August 15, 2016

Vija Design TWIN Cami + Cummerbund Set

Vija Design skin to skin cami in gray
with baby carrier demo dolls (Hazel x 2)
that wear newborn clothing

This Kangaroo Care (KC) Garment, the Vija Design S2S Cami Set, is so fabulous!!!  It's hard to describe.  It's a bit like a Tandem PWCC (Pocket Wrap Cross Carry) has been sewn onto a shirt back, but it's even better, because the cami has leg holes for each baby's legs + a section that supports the bum + a section that supports the length of baby from head to bum.  It is rated for up to 15 lbs of baby on each side!!!

Vija Design S2S Cami in gray with baby carrier
demo dolls (Sally x 2)  hat wear 3-6 month clothing

Then the cummerbund supports both babies from neck to knees, so that the caregiver can now move around with babies fully supported against her body.  The cummerbund also doubles as a super easy and simple KC garment.  It's my ideal "right after birth" KC garment, because it can be used as a bosom cover, while laboring, and then once babies are born, the cummerbund can be flipped down, babies placed skin to skin on mommy, and then cummerbund is flipped back up keeping everyone secure for traditional kangaroo care.  Then the cummerbund triples as a belly support belt while pregnant or in the post partum period to protect a Cesarian incision or support the abdomen as all of the organs figure out where they belong again.  Here's a fabulous video review by Eva Hodgdon:

Vija Design skin to skin cami + cummerbund
 in gray 
with baby carrier demo dolls (Hazel x 2) 
that wear newborn clothing
Vija Design S2S Cami + Cummerbund in gray with
baby carrier 
demo dolls (Sally x 2)
that wear 3-6 month clothing

- Vija Design Twin skin to skin cami + cummerbund, $98
- fits adult clothing sizes S - XL, best fits child clothing sizes NB - 6 mo

--- This is a shirt and cummerbund that act like a baby carrier and is specially designed for TWIN MOBILE Skin to Skin care!!!

For your best fit, contact me with your shirt, under bust, fullest bust, and bra sizes:
call/text me, 814-933-5668 

The cami + bandeau set are $98

Click HERE to buy

A bit about kangaroo care garments:

- What: a knit garment that supports baby ON FRONT skin to skin on caregiver’s upper torso, fabric is spread across baby three times

- How it works: put shirt on, position baby into and spread X passes with knees above bum & knee to knee in the fabric, spread cummerbund over babies

- Who: best suited for preemies to ~ 15 lbs and shine for discrete KC

- Sharing: size specific to the caregiver

- Care:  check fabric for holes, pulls, runs or weak spots

- Clean: use a wet wipe to spot clean and launder frugally, wash with laundry, drip dry when possible.  

- Caveats: designed for preemie and infant KC, won’t fit babies approaching 20 lbs

Some questions and answers:

Q1. Is this just as supportive as a moby?
A2..It's better! It's the front half of the moby, FITTED to you with a solid fabric back.

Q2.  Is it easy to size? Not like Ktan where people end up two sizes too big
A2.  I find that it fits tighter as a carrier than the k'tan fits. And because the front half is sewn onto a stable back there's less room for it to stretch out. All that said, I like to recommend people get the smallest size that will fit them, since there's a small overlap between the sizes. I wear a US large top and a medium S2S cami, my bust size affects my shirt size though.

Q3.  Do you think its worth the price tag VS a moby?
A3.  You can definitely do the same thing with the moby and the moby switches over to being able to carry just one in center in front and moby is not sized, so it is more shareable between caregivers.

The advantages the shirt has that I see are 
1. the cummerbund can be used separately for super easy skin to skin with babies from newborn until one baby reaches 30ish lbs.
2. the cummerbund can also be used as belly support while you are pregnant and in the postpartum period as all your organs figure out where they belong again. (moby can do this too, but is a lot bulkier of this)
3. it's faster
4. it's a garment, so it doesn't have the extra layers on your body that leaving the moby on for popping babies in and out does. 
5. it's much less saggy
6. It has better individual support for each baby because of the way it is sewn.


  1. I have an 11 pound twin and a 7.5 pounder, will their size differences be a problem?

  2. Hi Sara,
    Your babies' size difference will not be a problem, because each baby will have their own support system within the shirt.

  3. What size would you suggest for a lending library?

    1. What size for a lending library is a tricky question to answer! My first thought would be an extra large, so that the most people can try it on. You can pull in the seam that is above the stomach panel: pull it in both at the front and the back, so that the caregiver can get a feel for the fit; you would also need to pull it in at the shoulder. My next thought would be the size that fits the most number of leaders in your babywearing group, so that you can show it fitting a greater variety of people.

  4. What kind of fabric is it made out of? Wish I'd had this for my twins- the Moby only worked for both until they were about 10 lbs each then it got too heavy. I'm curious for my cousin-in-law who has 8 week old 10-lb twins!

    1. Hi Gillian! I'm so in love with these shirts!! The fabric is "Oeko-tex certified good quality high density 4-way stretch cotton / spandex jersey". At 10 lbs each your cousin will get less use out of the shirt but it should still fit until each baby is 15 lbs. Those wearing extra small and sometimes small can find that they do not have enough space on the front of their bodies for two babies once babies are approaching 15lbs.