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Buy, Save, and Give Baby Carriers Black Friday Weekend

Black Friday weekend through Cyber Monday is the best time to shop for baby carriers, because so many retailers have fantastic (especially deep discount and BOGO) sales.  It's a great time to buy your first carrier or add another carrier to your caregiving repertoire.  And my favorite: buy yourself a holiday present, many retailers will wrap your carrier for you, so that you won't be able to peek!  A few retailers offer Mystery Boxes, where you describe your carrier wish list to them and they pick your carriers out for you - a mystery gift just for you.
Let's flashback to Christmas 2011 in the Pifer family.
My oldest was 22 months old and I was 7 months pregnant. And I felt so blessed to have received a mystery box and to have discovered babywearing - this amazing tool that enabled me to cuddle my toddler in a wrap on my back and to support my growing baby in a wrap around my bump.  And I felt a calling to share my blessedness; what about the mommies out there who need a carrier? How can I help them get a tool that allows them to hug their baby tight while they go about their daily life, provides them with supreme sensory input - the feel of the fiber, the pattern and colors of the weave, the pretty of mommy wrapped in the fabric, and the ability to graciously survive motherhood?  Alas, in 2011 there were no charitable organizations accepting baby carrier donations. 

This year, 2015, we are so blessed to have several different charitable organizations with which we can share the babywearing love!!  If you do donate a carrier, please email them with a heads up to be expecting it.  :) 

Founded in 2012
As far types of carriers. All types are liked. However, the ones that are most often asked for and that we rarely have are the soft structured types. Like the Mei Tai and buckle types. However, rings, wovens, and stretchy wraps are also loved.

Founded in February 2013
The goal of the Carrying On Project is to help get carriers to the families of our military so that they may better obtain secure attachments with their children, something that deployment and injuries will often interrupt. We seek to assist both the service members and the families left behind in “Carrying On” while both home and away, to make something that is difficult for the whole family a little bit easier.
The needs:
  • Soft Structured Carriers (ErgoBaby, Boba, Lillebaby, OnyaBaby, etc)
  • Mei Tais (Catbird Baby, Infantino, BabyHawk, Etc)
  • Woven Wraps of all styles and sizes
  • Stretchy Wraps (MobyWrap, BobaWrap, SleepyWraps)
  • CPSIA compliant Ring Slings
See!givecarriers/c1uio for more information on what carriers TCOP needs. 

Founded in 2014
Lift Me Up is a non-profit organization that provides ergonomic babywearing carriers to families who have children with special needs. Babywearing is a wonderful therapeutic tool that can benefit not only the child with a developmental need, but can also be beneficial to the caregiver. Our goal is to offer this tool to as many qualified families as possible, thereby spreading the gift of babywearing to new places.  
We typically have the greatest need for SSCs, specifically toddler/preschool carriers, but we will accept any ergonomic carriers.
People can send carriers to:
Lift Me Up, Inc
616 William Street
Berlin, MD 21811
***We have come up with a new way that the community can support families who have children with special needs, but we need your help!
On December 1st, we will place virtual carriers for sale in our online store on our website, for 24 hours only. People interested in supporting families who have children with special needs can buy a carrier for an recipient family through our website. The purchased carriers will then be match up with recipients in the #babyweartothrive program at Lift Me Up.
The best part of the whole deal??? We have a donor that is offering to MATCH each carrier purchase made on Giving Tuesday!! We hope the affordable pricing and matching incentive will make donors eager to participate. Our current carrier supply has dwindled significantly, and our applicant pool is growing!! We are hopeful that this day of donations will allow Lift Me Up to be in a position to help more families #babyweartothrive.***
Founded in 2014
Our purpose is to help parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome.  We will help identify the right carrier to meet a family’s circumstances- whether that means finding a custom carrier to wear a 6 year old with mobility delays or finding a way to help a caregiver wear their typical newborn so they have hands free to care for an older child with Down syndrome; and we will find a way to get those carriers into the hands of parents and caregivers at no cost to them. We raise money to buy carriers for families and caregivers of children with special needs. We accept monetary donations as well as carrier donations. 
We take and use all carriers, but specifically we always need more ring slings and toddler sized SSCs than we have available.

Founded in 2015
Babywearing NM strives to create community and broaden accessibility to babywearing resources and education for families in all areas of New Mexico. Our three pronged approach to supporting the babywearing community in our beautiful state provides a service for everyone, and a way to give back for those who have grown with us: 
  • Providing safe and quality carriers to those who face financial or medical needs, gifting or discounting quality carriers as well as knowledge to use them safely and comfortably, with a communiy of supportive peers, in a fun and engaging environment.
  • Providing functional and financial  resources, mentorship, and media outreach for our Peer Community Leaders, who are already advanced babywearers and leaders within their communities, as well as advocates for accessibility and education.
  • Providing scholarship, work study, and employment opportunities as well as professional networking and support for those who wish to turn a passion for babwearing education and outreach into a career, or those who are already professionals in the babywearing industry and would like to see more growth in our state.
Ring slings, Mei-tais, and woven wraps in any size are usually hard to keep in stock. We can also always use infant insert (any brand) donations, that's one of the often missed opportunities by donors and it's less expensive.

Founded in 2015
It is our primary goal to provide relief to refugee families while they are on their journeys to asylum. We specialize in giving baby carriers to families with babies and toddlers. We hand-deliver the carriers to refugees and also fit them and instruct them on proper use to ensure safety for the baby and longevity of the carrier.
Mail us your clean, gently used structured baby carriers to 
C/O CarryTheFuture
121 W. Lexington Drive
Suitel L 106D
Glendale, CA  91203
**Please don't send wraps, ring slings or pouches at this time, as they are unsuitable for these circumstances, given that we have to fit the parent in less than 3 minutes with little to no spoken words. Cheapest way to ship is in a soft polymailer by standard parcel.**
Babywearing Groups
You could also add carriers to your local babywearing group or donate money for member scholarships.  You can find nearby groups here:, here: or here:

Babywearing Education
And you can donate scholarship money to certified babywearing consultants, who can be found here:

And where can you find awesome Babywearing Sales?  There are many Online baby carrier stores; my best success has been to Google search the baby carrier I am looking to buy.  To find Brick and Mortar stores that sell baby carriers in your area look for stores that sell other baby items, like cloth diapers and breastfeeding supplies.

Retailers who have a BUY A DONATION option are listed below.  They will ship your carrier donation purchase to the babywearing charitable organization whom they are partnering with.

Partnering with Babywearing the Future and willing to ship to the organization of your choice.

Partnering with Uzazi Village and Carry the Future.

Partnering with the organization of your choice.

Sprout Soup
Partnering with Carry the Future, Lift Me Up, and more, see the blog post.

Sweet Baby Wraps
Partnering with Lift Me Up.  
I will have the opportunity to donate in 3 ways to Lift Me Up.  One is to buy a vinyl car decal – the babywearing logo for the group.  Another is a donation amount of the person’s choosing. And third is to donate a carrier.

Thank You to each charitable organization and retailer for sharing your information!

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