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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Babywearing Balderdash

Let’s play Babywearing Balderdash!  

There are 5 categories: 
Babywearing Words (BW) : defining babywearing related terminology
Babywearing People (BP) : identifying people of the babywearing world
Babywearing Initials (BI) : defining babywearng initials
Babywearing Tutorials (BT) : selecting tutorials/videos/pictures that match the description; here the answer will be given and you will play the question
Babywearing Dates (BD) : defining what happened on babywearing dates

Each day of International Babywearing Week I will be posting on both my website and Facebook page a new question for our IBW16 card. All correct answers will be added to the game card.  The first person to answer the question correctly will be added in parentheses after the winning answer on the game card; let me know if you want to remain anonymous.  All responses to the question on FB or by email will be entered to win a prize (free for shipping); winner will be chosen by woobox.      

Here is a Babywearing Balderdash Sample card:

BWQ: Tandem Babywearing
BPQ: Sacagawea
BTQ: Babywearing Bosom Scoop
BDQ: 11 February 1805

BWA: Using baby carriers to get more than one baby from point A to B
BPA: A woman from the Lemhi Shoshone tribe who helped Lewis and Clark survey the western US, while tending to her baby born on the trip (likely America’s best known babywearer)
BIA: Baby Carrier Industry Alliance
BDA:  Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Sacagawea’s first baby, is born

This week's question(s)

BWQ: Babywearing

BWA: ...

Do you have ideas for babywearing questions and answers for Babywearing Balderdash cards?  Please share them and I’ll add them to my list.  I plan to post your name in parentheses after the question, so let me know if you want to remain anonymous. 

As the game grows, each category will have its own page that gets added to each week.