Sunday, September 4, 2016

25+ Medical Reasons to Do Kangaroo Care, Skin to Skin Therapy, and Use Baby Carriers

The Medical Research

Medical studies find that Kangaroo Care (KC) and Skin to Skin (S2S) Therapy:  
- improve heart rate
- improve respiratory rate
- improve oxygen saturation
- improve temperature regulation
- lower infections
- prevent apnea
- improve sleep
- lower crying (especially when done by fathers)
- provide analgesic (pain relief) effect
- increase milk production
- increase the ability to breastfeed exclusively
- allow for earlier breastfeeding initiation
- increase general neurobehavioral development
- increase mental and motor scores
- increase brain maturation
- lower caregiver’s anxiety (especially the postpartum mother)
- increase the caregiver’s parental/relational satisfaction
- create better caregiver/baby attachments  

Medical studies suggest KC/S2S to:
- prevent oxygen desaturations
- lower apnea episodes
- regulate cortisol (the stress hormone) especially with fathers
- create a more positive interaction between caregiver and infant.  

Medical studies warrant consideration of KC/S2S to improve weight gain

Medical research shows that
- using a baby carrier for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.  
- the physical drain from carrying in-arms is 16% greater than using a tool (i.e. a baby carrier) to support the baby’s mass, which is potentially an even larger burden than breastfeeding.  
- holding our babies close in a baby carrier allows us to form a mutual attachment, and is especially beneficial for mothers who are at risk for or suffering from postpartum depression.  

A woven wrap allows for
discrete kangaroo care -
bare chest to bare chest

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