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Baby Carrier Happy Hour Shopping Appointments
Scheduling this free appointment guarantees that I will be available to help you shop. If you stop in without an appointment, which I also welcome, I may not get a chance to help you or Baby Carrier Happy Hour may have moved to another venue that day. Please Facebook pm or call/text for your free appointment: 814-933-5668

Over this Summer Break 2017, Happy Hour will be 5:30-6:30 pm the first and third Fridays at Jezebel's Boutique in State College, and then by appointment in Dubois/Treasure Lake and Centre County: Facebook pm or call/text for your free appointment. Follow me on Facebook to keep up with this summer's events

What is Baby Carrier Happy Hour?
Happy Hour is a venue where you and baby can choose between 30+ different carriers (all available for purchase) to find your most comfortable AHHHA fit or bring in your own baby carriers for free instruction and getting that AHHHA fit. Here's a list of carriers available for purchase

Prices and Discounts List

Return Policy

Personal In Home Consultation Appointments*
$95 + (RGP client discounts & perks membership)

What is a Personal In Home Consultation?
A personal in home consultation is an individual appointment designed to meet your family's unique babywearing and kangaroo care needs. Via email, text, phone, or instant message, I will consult with you about what you want your baby carrier to do for you. And then I will bring to your house the right size babywearing dolls and best carrier options (from my library of 150+ carriers) for your needs. Personal appointments usually take between 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Personal Virtual Consultation Appointments**
$35 + (RGP client discounts & perks membership)

What is a Personal Virtual Consultation?
A personal virtual consultation is an individual appointment designed to meet your family's unique babywearing and kangaroo care needs. Via email, text, phone, or instant message, I will consult with you about what you want your baby carrier to do for you. And then I will send you carriers or (most often) we will work with your own carriers to meet your needs. Via Facetime or Skype, personal virtual appointments are best done in smaller time increments and usually take between 30-45 minutes and often are done across 2-3 appointments.

Below is a sampling of my most common consultation themes. 2nd+ consultations receive a RGP client discount.

1.  Prenatal Baby Preparation
From moment one, (birth team,
mother, and) baby expects baby to be
skin to skin on mommy's chest
This consultation is ideal after 20 weeks gestation
-You will receive help making your baby shower (or sprinkle) registry selections.
-You will try belly wrapping with a KC cummerbund, short wrap, ring sling, long wrap, and/or stretchy wrap, as needed, and learn to use these to help relieve round ligament and pelvic girdle pain, relieve pressure on your bladder, support a heavy belly, provide night time back pain relief, allow you to wear your too small pants a little while longer both before and after birth, and learn which can be used during labor (includes supplemental list of local doulas certified to teach rebozo labor relief and other area perinatal services and specialists)
-You will become prepared for kangaroo care: how to do it, when to do it, the birth plan options, its MANY benefits; you will see 10 different styles of kangaroo care garments and look at how a baby carrier can also be used to facilitate kangaroo care (including supplemental KC brochure)
-You will learn about major types of carriers: including buckle, mei tie / meh dai, ring sling, woven wrap, knit (stretchy) wrap, k'tan and try on your favorites (includes supplemental baby carrier brochure)

2.  Find Your Best Carrier(s)
You will choose 2-3 carrier types (buckle, mei tie, ring sling, woven wrap, knit wrap) and I will bring 10 or more different styles of those carriers for you to try with a demonstration doll and then you will try your final choices with baby

3.  Baby Carrier Solutions
Before the consult, we will discuss your unique situation and I will recommend several different baby carrier solutions.  You will choose 3-5 of these solutions, and at your consult, I will help you try each out, and then teach you how to use your favorites.  

4.  Nursing in Baby Carrier(s)
You will need a nursing cami or bra and scoop or v-neck top or nursing shirt; I can help you find these before the consult.  You will try out a few different styles of carriers and I will help you make adjustments to find the carrier that you and baby are most comfortable nursing in.

5.  First Back Carry
I will show you 2-6 of the 20+ different ways to load baby on your back and then you will practice your first choice loading methods with a specially weighted babywearing demonstration doll and then I will help you practice with your baby. You will learn back carries with at least 2 different types and/or styles of carriers

6.  Baby Carrier Technique
You already know how to use your baby carrier(s).  I help you to make your carrier(s) more comfortable, use your carrier(s) in a new way, or try different styles of carrier.

Babywearing and Kangaroo Care Classes
Tune in to my Facebook events page for updates

Babywearing House Parties, Baby Showers, and Baby Sprinkles 
$5 processing fee + $1 per minute
Description: this option is designed to help you learn more about a particular babywearing topic and the carriers and accessories that support it. Examples include Kangaroo Care/Skin to Skin Therapy, Hot or Cold Weather Babywearing, and Woven Wrap Fiber Options.
October 8, 2015: Embrace Your Winter Babywearing!

Baby Carriers available for purchase

What services do you look forward to using?  Is there something that you wish I would add?

*2nd+ appointments receive a RGP client discount
**Currently free with RGP baby carrier or KC garment purchase; 2nd+ appointments receive a RGP client discount

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