Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Options

Give the Mothers in your life and yourself the gift of Babywearing!

Email to purchase.

Give a gift certificate for
a 1 on 1 Personal Babywearing Consultation package - $95,
or the two visit Personal Babywearing Consultation package - $155
or the Preparing for Bonding and Babywearing with Your Newborn class - $30
or to purchase a baby carrier in the monetary amount of your choice - $??

Buy her or yourself a Mystery Gift package!  Mystery Gift packages will come in a gift bag and contain a carrier appropriate for Mama and baby's situation.  In honor of Mother's day Mystery Gift packages are $5 off retail.  Email me, with preferred and non-preferred colors and designs. Saturday (before Mother's Day) afternoon gift delivery to porch possibly available.

Mystery Gift Options:

Baby is a Bump in Mommy's Belly - $87

Baby is a Newborn (this is Rachel's all time favorite carrier!) - $93

Baby is a Newborn (this is Rachel's preferred carrier for breastfeeding and baby's with gas or reflux) - $84

Baby is Curious and Beginning Head Control and Beginning to Rollover:
for front/hip carries - $84
for high back carries - $94

Baby is Beginning Unsupported Sitting - $124

Baby is a Toddler:
Up & Down - $84
Taking a Nap - $140
Rachel's favorite toddler carrier - $114

Baby is a Preschooler (4T+) - $154

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