Thursday, March 10, 2016

Free Babywearing Workshops with The Mommy Shoppe!

Every Thursday* after the 3rd Saturday (The Mommy Shoppe shopping day) of each month, join me for a Babywearing Workshop with the Mommy Shoppe!  From 6-7 pm, we will talk about baby carrier options and babywearing benefits and have a special topic each workshop; topics planned include breastfeeding in baby carriers, carrying more than one baby, and Do-It-Yourself baby carriers.  From 7-9 pm, while Mommy Shoppe volunteer hours are going on, I will do 1-on-1 Babywearing Tune Up help sessions with The Mommy Shoppe volunteers.  

*Projected workshop dates:
Mar 24
April 21 - Cancelled
May 26**
June 23
July 21
August 25

**tentative: this may change, as I will likely be traveling to the MommyCon WEAR conference on this day

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